Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – August 2, 2013



I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Neetal Parekh, founder of Innov8 Social (post and audio clip available here). Neetal is is an attorney by education, digital content strategist by training, and social innovator at heart. Innov8 Social explores impact innovation, social entrepreneurship, and law and policy that support the field and features interviews, news, event recaps,  infographics, tools, observations, and reflections on aspects of social innovation.

 Have a listen to the Beatles' Revolution while perusing this week's tweets:

  • Peter Buffet: The Charitable-Industrial Complex
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Peter Buffett’s revelations on the consequences of ostentatious philanthropy, is there anything new here?
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy: Several critiques of Buffet's op-ed: Matt Bishop; Tom Watson; Howard Husock
  • Ellis Carter: Nonprofit Entity Selection:
  • Pro Bono Partnership: We would like to form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to support the work of a charity in another country. Can we do that?
  • LawForChange: Are Social Entrepreneurs Using the New Legal Structures?
  • Philanthropy: Opinion: Businesses With a Social Conscience Reach a Tipping Point
  • NGO Source: Why Impact Investing Is An Emerging Paradigm Shift In Philanthropy – Forbes
  • Alice Korngold: Corporate Boards: The False Dichotomy of 'Increased Diversity Comes at the Expense of Exec Experience'
  • The San Francisco Foundation: CEO Sandra Hernández to step down in Nov; built TSFF into one of the strongest community foundations in the country.
  • Foundation Center DC: We love nonprofits, and this is funny:
  • Gene: We wish Emily Chan the best future ever with Adler & Colvin! She's a star working with some of the best nonprofit attorneys in the country.