Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – April 1, 2011

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • Philanthropy: Lawmakers Ask IRS to Investigate AARP: Three Republican members of Congress have raised concerns about whether t…
  • nprnews: Key Republicans Seek IRS Investigation Of AARP |
  • robreich: Why is the Fiesta Bowl a public charity? New investigation threatens its tax exempt status.
  • GTak: Excess benefit transactions and revocation of tax-exempt status – David Levitt
  • LawForChange: Great CharityLawyer post on the need for #nonprofits to keep clear written records of board and committee meetings.
  • nonprofitlawyer: New study says cause-marketing –> reduced charitable giving via @Philanthropy & @GordonJayFrost
  • GTak: IRS – 8 Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions (Mar 2011)
  • npmaven: Essential governance article, saved by @peelleadership: Developing Leadership on Boards of Directors:
  • LawForChange: WE must read: Foundations Embrace Failure: real lessons learned… via @npquarterly
  • SEA_News: Commerciality Doctrine woes, making the case for #socent laws:
  • Philanthropy: Ore. Seeks to Set Minimum Standard for Charities to Spend on Services

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