Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 9/4/15


This week I experienced my first Burning Man event. Wow. Have a listen to Crow and the Canyon and the lovely voice of Leigh Jones singing Golden Chains while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Angelina Jolie leaves #charity board after discovering trustee compensation
  • Nonprofit Times: Fundraisers Petition U.S. Supreme Court On Donor Privacy #philanthropy #fundraising
  • Nonprofit Times: NLRB’s Decision Could Impact Nonprofits … you could be a co-employer, liable and not know it.
  • Philantopic: New Trend in #Philanthropy: Making a Real Social Difference @ocregister
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: How do you define your organization’s values? Simone Joyaux shares some tips:
  • Cody Switzer: Preventing & detecting employee fraud at a #nonprofit by @mdimento_cop
  • For Purpose Law: Unpaid Intern Rules Turned Upside Down – Again
  • Venable Nonprofit Law: What #nonprofits need to know before settling federal #wage and hour claims
  • Robert Eggar: Aging in America (& how philanthropy needs to get its ass in gear) via @Philanthropy #Boomers @TheLAKitchen
  • Stanford PACS: Video: Paul Brest, @StanfordPACS faculty codirector, on #impinv via @YouTube
  • Gene: A fundamental principle of networking: “Create value before you ask for value back.” – Chris Sacca 25iq