Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 9/13/19

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The Trump administration on Thursday is expected to complete the legal repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation, which had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies. … The rollback is the latest in a series of actions by the Trump administration to weaken or undo major environmental rules. Others include proposals to loosen regulations on planet-warming emissions from cars, power plants and oil and gas drilling rigs; moves designed to push new drilling in the vast Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; and efforts to weaken Endangered Species Act protections.” NY Times
  • “Even as President Trump blamed a recent Taliban attack for his decision to call off nearly yearlong negotiations with the insurgents, officials suggested on Sunday it had more to do with the Taliban’s resistance to the American terms for a peace deal, and a rushed plan for a Camp David summit meeting.” NY Times
  • “In a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017, the United States successfully extracted from Russia one of its highest-level covert sources inside the Russian government, multiple Trump administration officials with direct knowledge told CNN. A person directly involved in the discussions said that the removal of the Russian was driven, in part, by concerns that President Donald Trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence and could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy.” CNN

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: or the first time, the nonprofit world’s work force is larger than the work force of the manufacturing industry. Nonprofits Now Employ More People Than Manufacturers Do [Ed. Behind a subscription paywall, but here is a link to the news release about the John Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies Nonprofit Economic Data Project that provides the supporting data.]
  • Brian Mittendorf: An incredible story of yet another nonprofit blurring the lines between the entity’s finances and those of insiders. feat. @EOTaxProf [RT @POLITICO Magazine: More than two dozen current and former Liberty University officials describe a culture of fear and self-dealing at the largest Christian college in the world:]
  • The Nation: The Perils of Billionaire Philanthropy
  • Inside Philanthropy: Important piece by @TateJW offering a new metric for #philanthropy focused on power. Links to ideas from @robreich, @BenSoskis, @Cingib, @AnandWrites, @DavidCallahanIP, @NCRP, and others. Generosity and Impact Aren’t Enough. Let’s Judge Philanthropy on How Well it Shifts Power
  • Ronan Farrow: After Epstein was a convicted sex offender, listed as “disqualified” from donating in MIT’s database, MIT Media Lab worked closely with Epstein, secretly taking donations from him or labeled as having been secured at his direction, from his contacts, including Bill Gates. [Ed. See Farrow’s article How an Elite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in The New Yorker.]
  • For Purpose Law: Another University Gift Hits Donor-Intent Wall
  • Independent Sector: The 2019 #RacetoLeadSurvey from @BldingMovement is open for just one more day! Be sure to complete it by … September 13, to contribute to one of the largest data sets on race and leadership in the #nonprofit sector.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: A must-read classic for nonprofit boards and funders: Can we stop talking about overhead already and advocate for “full costs” in nonprofit budgets? NPQ
  • David Fahrenthold: A nonprofit paid to rent out @realdonaldtrump’s hotel ballroom. Its headline speakers: VP Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo. Washington Post
  • Jeffrey Bradach: Yes! Completely agree: legacy admission at elite institutions “is an engine of inequity.” There is no good justification for it, and it should stop. Opinion (NYT Editorial Board): End Legacy College Admissions

Themed Media Selection:

Photographer shares incredible Burning Man 2019 shots: ‘It’s hard to encapsulate this week in words’ (SF Gate)