Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 8/28/20

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The Justice Department on Wednesday announced a civil rights investigation into the police shooting of a Black man in Kenosha, Wis., as new details emerged in the case, a white teenager who confronted demonstrators was arrested in connection with two deaths, and protests spread to athletes in three pro sports leagues.” NY Times
  • “For more than 10 hours this week, President Trump and his allies used the unfiltered platform of a national political convention to paint a portrait of two Americas that do not exist. … In one — a misrepresentation of life under Trump — the coronavirus has been conquered by presidential leadership, the economy is at its pre-pandemic levels, troops are returning home, and the president is an empathetic figure who supports immigration and would never stoke the nation’s racial grievances.” Washington Post
  • “An abrupt shift this week in government testing guidelines for Americans exposed to the novel coronavirus was directed by the White House’s coronavirus task force, alarming outside public health experts who warn the change could hasten the disease’s spread.” Washington Post

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Lucy Bernholz: Confronting Philanthropy’s Uncomfortable Truths (Opinion) – The Chronicle of Philanthropy. First in a 5 part series – plus two chances for us to chat directly – please join us. @stanfordpacs @digcivsoc @dgtlimpact [Ed. Lucy also added: “Thank you. Building on work of many @chayling @VillanuevaEdgar @NonprofitAF @SFdirewolf @mutalenkonde @TechnologyLiz @Combsthepoet”]
  • Marc Gunther: #Philanthropy has failed to support grass-roots movements for racial justice, until now. | my cover story for the new issue of @Philanthropy #BlackLivesMatter ‘Fund Us Like You Want Us to Win’ [Ed. This article is currently behind a subscription paywall.]
  • Bill Russell: In 61 I walked out if an exhibition game much like the @nba players did yesterday. I am one of the few people that knows what it felt like to make such an important decision. I am so proud of these young guys. It reminded me of this Pls RT ⁦@MSNBC @CNN
  • Jeffrey Bradach: Philanthropy!!! Crucial opp to affect lives of millions. See impt @SSIReview piece by @Results4America @michelejolin @DavidMedinaDC abt role of phil. Kudos to @BallmerGroup @bluemeridianp @Arnold_Ventures @MikeBloomberg @gatesfoundation for leading. How Philanthropy Can Help Governments Accelerate a Real Recovery
  • Independent Sector: Nonprofit Votes Count is a nonpartisan campaign that seeks to optimize nonprofits’ engagement assets & unparalleled reach to encourage voter participation among staff, volunteers, members, and the communities we serve. Nonprofit resources can be found here:
  • Annie Lowrey: America, in giving up on coronavirus and a thousand other catastrophes, is shifting the burden of public administration onto individuals. It is a nightmare. The Lesson Americans Never Learn America, in giving up on coronavirus and a thousand other catastrophes, is shifting the burden of public administration onto individuals. It is a nightmare.
  • Jeanne Bell: Today I wrote about Executive Director Michael Brune’s statement on racial justice at @SierraClub @bruneski. I think there are 3 very strong elements to it. I summarized them here: Without Mincing Words: Sierra Club Commits to Accountability and Racial Justice via @npquarterly
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: ““Chairs also need a unique set of capabilities … chairing a board was not the same a running an organization.” @jonhuggett & @markzitter write about how to effectively lead a decision-making team. #nonprofits How to Be a Super Board Chair
  • Ellen Aprill: My new op-ed on charitable giving and the USPS. Involves the complicated relationship between philanthropy and government as well as the limits of charity. Charity cannot save the US Postal Service
  • Tony Martignetti: Due Diligence: What Grantees Need to Know – @TechSoup #fundraising

Black Lives Matter:

Doc Rivers Delivers Emotional Speech On Jacob Blake (Bleacher Report)

The Shooting of Jacob Blake Is a Wake-Up Call (The Atlantic)

Civil Rights Leaders Issue Statement on Armed White Militia Violence Against Protesters and Police Camaraderie with Militia Members (NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund)

Ava DuVernay on how she’s using her influence to amplify marginalized voices in Hollywood (Entertainment Weekly)

For Black women, the 19th Amendment marked not the end, but the beginning of the movement for voting rights (Martha S. Jones)