Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 7/10/20

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “President Trump on Wednesday intensified his demand that schools fully reopen this fall, slamming the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pressuring it to loosen guidance and threatening to cut funding for schools that do not open.” Washington Post
  • “The Supreme Court on Thursday cleared the way for prosecutors in New York to see President Trump’s financial records in a stunning defeat for Mr. Trump and a major statement on the scope and limits of presidential power.” NY Times
  • “President Trump’s unyielding push to preserve Confederate symbols and the legacy of white domination, crystallized by his harsh denunciation of the racial justice movement Friday night at Mount Rushmore, has unnerved Republicans who have long enabled him but now fear losing power and forever associating their party with his racial animus.” Washington Post

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Nonprofit Quarterly: NPQ’s Most Influential Articles of 2018: Nonprofit Sector as White Space
  • National Council of Nonprofits: Terrific news for #nonprofits as the House just passed the Protecting Nonprofits from Catastrophic Cash Flow Strain Act, which would fix Department of Labor guidance imposing huge unemployment bills on nonprofits. Our statement
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: With new #COVID19 cases reaching close to 60k this past Friday, what can we expect to happen as we continue to deal with a shortage of tests? #coronavirus #covidtesting
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: “No matter how much we give, foundations cannot fund our way out of our current crisis of democracy.” For Philanthropy to Achieve Its Goals, Democracy Must Work
  • Alliance for Charitable Reform: #SectorScoop In this morning’s @POLITICOPro Tax, influential think tank @TaxFoundation acknowledged the 2019 uptick in charitable giving doesn’t signal a trend. We agree, and we remain concerned about the 10-year slide in Americans giving to charity. A charitable update
  • Anne Wallestad: I’m not ready to burn down the concept of boards, but much in this post from @NonprofitAF resonates with me – including the critique of “mission-centeredness” that ignores larger ecosystems. You’ll be hearing more from @BoardSource on that soon. The default nonprofit board model is archaic and toxic; let’s try some new models [Ed. Much of Vu Le’s writings also resonate with me, and I really respect Hildy Gottlieb, but there is much more to the law and legal responsibilities of board members that can’t be ignored in serious efforts at real reimagining and change.]
  • Sara Matlin: Nonprofit orgs can support/oppose ballot measures, and @AFJBeBold can help! See our revised California Campaign Finance and Ballot Measure Guide or contact us: for free assistance.
  • Oscar Perry Abello: In my first piece for @Philanthropy, I take a look at the recent decision by major foundations to issue bonds to fund a ramp-up of grantmaking in these unprecedented times. It’s not just about who will get the grants. It’s about who else benefits. Opinion
  • Krystian Seibert: Don’t think this holds anymore. How many ppl think ‘Facebook is problematic – but at least Zuckerberg is doing some philanthropy with the money made from it’? Perhaps such a logic about philanthropy worked 5-10 years ago, not anymore. Most ppl wouldn’t even know about CZI… [Ed. In response to this tweet from Anand Giridharadas: “I’m not merely suggesting that CZI is being used to cover up Zuck’s sins. I’m suggesting that every dollar Zuck spends philanthropically leaves the world worse off, net-net, than it was before, because it enables him to keep at his democracy destruction. Every grant hurts us.”]
  • Independent Sector: We are making a critical pivot for #Upswell2020: this October, we will focus on two issues: #antiracism and #COVID19 recovery. It will be the same vibrant spirit that defines @weareupswell, channeled with a clear sense of purpose. Join us and learn more:

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