Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 5/13/16


This week was marked by Brazil’s suspension of its President and attention to the country’s worst economic crisis in 80 years. Have a listen to Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Brazil while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • IRS: Many #tax-exempt organizations face a May 16 filing deadline … [Ed. Form 990 series calendar year filers.]
  • Venable Nonprofit Law: House and Ways Committee approves measure to block IRS from collecting data on #nonprofit donors via Morning Consult 
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: How will these new laws for #PRIs change the competitive playing field for #philanthropy? NPQ
  • Alex Daniels: They’ve taken the wall down but I haven’t seen the Calvary ride in-@darrenwalker on regs to encourage #impinv #MIE16 [Ed. See also Foundation CEOs Struggle to Boost Mission Investing, Chronicle of Philanthropy.]
  • Bridgespan Group: #BigBetPhilanthropy can measurably change lives. Here’s where it can make a difference:
  • Philantopic: 7 Hopeful Trends in #Philanthropy @nonprofitwballs @geofunders
  • Gene: Nonprofits operating in China – ICNL & Pillsbury Law grantmaker treatment unknown
  • Lucy Bernholz: How did #citizensunited change #NPO sector? 60% of politically active social welfare groups founded since 2010
  • Fortune: What businesses can learn from nonprofits
  • The White House: “Change is the effort of committed citizens who hitch their wagons to something bigger than themselves, and fight for it every single day.”