Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 4/23/21

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The former Minneapolis Police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes last year was found guilty Tuesday of all three charges against him in one of the most consequential trials of the Black Lives Matter era.” CNN
  • “Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday announced a sweeping Justice Department probe into the practices and culture of the Minneapolis Police Department, elevating the federal government’s role a day after former officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty in the murder of George Floyd.” Washington Post
  • “President Biden’s new pledge to slash America’s greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decade is long on ambition and short on specifics, but experts say that success would require rapid and sweeping changes to virtually every corner of the nation’s economy, transforming the way Americans drive to work, heat their homes and operate their factories.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Cheshire Law Group: BIG NEWS – Big changes coming to the sector through new tax credit changes for anyone impacted by #covid19. Check out if you’re eligible for the latest changes: Venable
  • Susan Phillips: Crowdfunding is wonderful; crowdfunding is terrible. Lloyd Mayer @NDNonprofitProf examines the need for crowdfunding regulation @MPNLCarleton
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: In a new report, philanthropy historian Ben Soskis writes that the pandemic fast-tracked grantmaking and giving. “That’s going to be one of the enduring legacies of the crisis,” he says. (Sign up to read article free.) Philanthropy
  • Linda Rosenthal: Deaccession Wars Rage on For American Museums
  • Yamiche Alcindor: The $10 million lawsuit claims that Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University’s former president, withheld scandalous and potentially damaging information from Liberty’s board of trustees. NY Times
  • Alexis McGill Johnson: Reckoning with Sanger is one thing. We need to reckon with ourselves. Yesterday, our federation voted to affirm that health equity requires race equity. To fulfill our mission, we must fight the systemic racism that creates barriers to care. I’m the Head of Planned Parenthood. We’re Done Making Excuses for Our Founder.
  • Philantopic: Democrats ask Justice Barrett to recuse in case involving nonprofit donor privacy @NPR #AmericansforProsperity #philanthropy #publicaffairs #SCOTUS
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Trending in Economic Development: Eliminating Racial Disparities with Wealth-Building Infrastructure
  • Mission Investors Org: READ: Series curated by MIE with Stanford Social Innovation Review by 10 foundations committed to #RacialEquity #impinv @LaJuneTabron @mrbf_org @LuminaFound @wrfound @NWAFound @CalEndow @FordFoundation @AECFNews @Surdna_Fndn @WK_Kellogg_Fdn @Prudential
  • NYT Business: The family behind the Nathan Cummings Foundation agreed four years ago to invest more of the endowment in social justice causes. In a new report, it discusses how difficult that was. A Family Opens Up About Its Investing Mistakes

Black Lives Matter:

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‘Gentle Steering of the Ship’: How Keith Ellison Led the Prosecution of Chauvin (Tim Arango, NY Times)

Racism’s Corrosive Impact on the Health of Black Americans (Bill Whitaker, 60 Minutes)

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