Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 4/22/22

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “Climate change is and will continue to touch almost everything around us, from our septic tanks to your seasonal allergies and the turbulence you experience on your next flight. The most drastic impacts are disproportionately affecting poorer countries.” Washington Post
  • “A federal judge in Florida on Monday voided a national mask mandate for airplanes and in other transportation settings.” Washington Post
  • “Congress can exclude residents of Puerto Rico from some federal disability benefits available to those who live in the 50 states, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.” CNN

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • David Fahrenthold: NEW: In Houston, a beloved Crime Stoppers nonprofit has made a startling leap into politics –blasting Dem judges and lauding the GOP governor. Behind the scenes, those positions mirrored changes in its funding. How a Crime-Fighting Institution Took a Partisan Turn
  • Benjamin Soskis: Great reporting from @Fahrenthold on how Crime Stoppers in Houston has turned partisan. But the part that really grabbed me was bit abt the $50 fee ppl sentenced to probation have for a while been forced to give to this nonprofit.
  • National Council of Nonprofits: “#Nonprofits serve as economic multipliers by providing services like after-school programs, elder care and job training, which allow others to find employment and work outside the home.” Investing in our nonprofits strengthens us all @MinnPost #Relief4Charities
  • Kevin Starr: This is by far the best thing I’ve ever read on social movements and funding. Data-driven and well-written. Great guide for funders. Changed my thinking. Protest Movements Could Be More Effective Than the Best Charities [Ed. This is more nuanced than is easily studied or explained since charities are also used to fund movements.]
  • Engage R+D: Inspired by and having benefited from the work of the Equitable Evaluation Initiative, @Kresge, @IrvineFdn, and @KauffmanFDN share their equity journeys in our new field guide to evaluation and learning at foundations. Field Guide: Evaluation and Learning at Foundations
  • Phil Buchanan: New post from me, just up. 8 traits of leaders I have observed and admired these past two years Two Years Later, Part Three: Observing Eight Traits of Effective Leaders
  • Cyndi Suarez: There is a shift afoot in the field, from critiquing white supremacist culture and calling out anti-Blackness to designing for pro-Blackness. Defining Pro-Black via @npquarterly
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: As #PuertoRico, still recovering from #HurricaneMaria, exits bankruptcy, @FComunitaria is helping communities rebuild by investing in community capital: @Steve_NPQ @taxjustice @grupocne
  • For Purpose Law Group: New Charity Enforcement by CA Attorney General
  • Lucy Bernholz: Elon Musk Says SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, Boring Co Are ‘Philanthropy’ Business Insider – ridiculous. And the entirely predictable claim of “philanthrocapitalism”

Racial Equity and Justice :

Hear lawmaker’s blistering rebuke after colleague’s baseless ‘grooming’ accusations (CNN)

How violence against Asian Americans has grown and how to stop it, according to activists (Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, PBS)

Black, Latino communities have a higher level of oil drilling and pollution (Darryl Fears, Washington Post)

Why it’s so damn hard to make AI fair and unbiased (Sigal Samuel, Vox)

Black-ish Wraps Up its Eight Season Run with Beautiful, Poignant Finale (The Root)

If there are any attorneys or law students who identify as Black, Native Americans, or Pacific Islanders who are interested in nonprofit corporate and tax-exemption laws and who’d like to pursue this area of practice, I’m committing one hour each week to being a resource. Please contact me if I can be of service. 🙏