Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 3/4/16

Cartoon Humor Concept Illustration of See no Evil Hear no Evil Speak no Evil Saying or Proverb

Donald Trump dominated the news over the past week with Super Tuesday and the 11th Republican Presidential debate. Have a listen to Public Enemy’s Fight the Power (which also closed the Academy Awards last Sunday) while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Last Week Tonight: Last night’s main story was, and we can’t believe we’re saying this, Donald Trump. YouTube
  • Philantopic: Report: Clinton Tax Plan Preserves Charitable Deduction @ACReform #nonprofits #taxpolicy
  • BoardSource: Form 990 — A Guide for Newcomers to Nonprofit Research
  • Mark Blumberg: National Post article highlights how charities can unwittingly be used to support terrorism | Global Philanthropy
  • Exponent Philanthropy: Planning to ramp up your giving or operations? Download our complimentary new primer created w/ @TPIPhilanthropy
  • For Purpose Law: “Trying to Wriggle Out of Feeder Organization Status: Not Easy
  • Nonprofit Law News: Provisions Affecting Charities in Proposed Budget #nonprofit #law
  • Reid Hoffman: – How to leverage business to effect social change: highlights from my discussion w/ @pdgoldman in…
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Without any proof of outcomes, social impact bonds set up shop in two more states: #SIBs
  • Gene: Social Purpose vs. Benefit Corporations Triple Pundit #socent #socialenterprises
  • Wall Street Journal: Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and YouCaring come under fire for not having enough controls to protect users