Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 11/4/22

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The vicious attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), is a reminder of what the 2022 election is about. It is of course about who holds power in Congress and the states. But will it do anything to change the toxic environment in which politics and governing are carried out? Or could it make things worse?” Washington Post
  • “Congressional Republicans, eyeing a midterm election victory that could hand them control of the House and the Senate, have embraced plans to reduce federal spending on Social Security and Medicare, including cutting benefits for some retirees and raising the retirement age for both safety net programs.” NY Times
  • Fueled by Billionaires, Political Spending Shatters Records Again In the money race between America’s billionaires and small donors, the emerging political oligarchy is showing staying power. Both parties have megadonors, but Republicans have far more.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • For Purpose Law Group: More About Scary, But Urgent, Choices for Philanthropy
  • Emily Haynes: 🗞️New from me and @RasheedaChil: A deep dive into the wild world of the fundraiser job market. We spent months calling fundraisers and experts, and @Philanthropy fielded an independent survey of 685 fundraisers. The verdict? It’s weird out there. Desperately Seeking Fundraisers [Ed. Registration may be required to access the article.]
  • Gene: Ten Key Components of a Nonprofit Fundraising Legal Audit – Perlman and Perlman – @kareniwu
  • Nonprofit Times: The Nonprofit Risk Management Center just launched a website with a pile of free HR and Risk resources. Nonprofit Times
  • BoardSource: Are you looking for ways to improve your board’s performance? Explore innovative thinking on board leadership and transition with our resource: Innovation in Board Structure and Dynamics
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Cycles are fundamental to how we define everything around us. A-dae Romero Briones of @FNDI303 on how we can re-attach ourselves to a path of co-existence with ourselves and the planet: #Indigenous #climatejustice
  • Inside Philanthropy: For our latest State of American Philanthropy report, we analyzed the small pool of funders taking on the public policies and power arrangements that govern economic life. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening. @PhilipRojc reports:
  • Nonprofit Issues: Tuesday Q&A: I filed a Form 1023-EZ. After adding additional board members, our vision has changed and now we will be seeking funding exceeding $50k. Do we need to dissolve this company and start over with the long Form 1023? Our answer:
  • Ian Begley: ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt says ADL is not accepting Kyrie Irving’s $500K donation: ‘We were optimistic but after watching the debacle of a press conference, it’s clear that Kyrie feels no accountability for his actions. @ADL cannot in good conscience accept (the donation).’ 1/2
  • Davey Min Sun Kim: Stark inequality in the Bay Area is nothing new. Neither are philanthropic efforts attempting to fight it, I learned, dating back all the way to the goldrush. Piece from my old lab mate and historian @_MicahMcElroy from StanfordPACS for @familygiving Learning from the History of Philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area

Racial Equity and Justice:

The world’s healthiest forests are on Indigenous land. Here’s why. (Joesph Lee, Grist)

Heather McGhee on the Zero Sum Lie (Giving Done Right podcast)

NPR reporting on Oregon theater death threats prompt local and national response (Chloe Veitman, NPR)

The Absurd, Enduring Myth of the “One-Man” Campaign to Abolish Affirmative Action (Jeannie Park and Kristin Penner, Slate)

Op-Ed: I’m an Asian American Harvard grad. Affirmative action helped me (Sally Chen, LA Times)

If there are any attorneys or law students who identify as Black, Native Americans, or Pacific Islanders who are interested in nonprofit corporate and tax-exemption laws and who’d like to pursue this area of practice, I’m committing one hour each week to being a resource. Please contact me if I can be of service. 🙏