Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 6/23/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

State of Nonprofits 2024: What Funders Need to Know (Center for Effective Philanthropy)

Nonprofits Are Taking a Stance on Gaza — and Paying the Price (Sara Herschander, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Suspending the Tax-Exempt Status of Terrorist and Terrorist Supporting Organizations: H.R. 6408 in Context (Congressional Research Service)

CA Crowdfunding: New Online Registration Portal (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

Clarke: Four More Takeaways From Moore (Conor Clarke, Paul Caron, Tax Prof Blog)

A New Look at How US Nonprofits Get Really Big (Ali Kelley, Darren Isom, Bradley Seeman, Julia Silverman, Analia Cuevas-Ferreras & Katrina Frei-Herrmann, Bridgespan Group, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Avoiding the Glass Cliff and BIPOC Leadership Initiative (BoardSource)

Victoria Litman on Ayahuasca and Other Psychedelics in Organized Worship (darryll k. jones, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog)

OpenAI-Backed Nonprofits Have Gone Back on Their Transparency Pledges (Paresh Dave, Wired)

Our support for the Kids Online Safety Act (Fairplay) [Ed. Also notable this week on the subject of social media and children’s health: Opinion: Surgeon General: Why I’m Calling for a Warning Label on Social Media Platforms (NY Times) and How Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Failed Children on Safety, States Say (NY Times).]

Significant Events:

  • Billions of people just felt the deadly intensity of climate-fueled heat waves Scorching heat across five continents set 1,400 records this week and showed how human-caused global warming has made catastrophic temperatures commonplace.” Washington Post
  • “The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a tax on foreign income … in a case that many experts had cautioned could undercut the nation’s tax system. … Many tax experts had warned that striking down the tax could have wide repercussions. Such a move could have threatened to fundamentally change how income is defined, block efforts to tax billionaires’ wealth and undermine enforcement for all sorts of other taxes, which amount to billions in revenue for the government.” NY Times
  • Putin Once Tried to Curb North Korea’s Nuclear Program. That’s Now Over. Vladimir Putin promised unspecified technological help to North Korea, which could allow it to advance its nuclear weapons program.” NY Times

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

Why Juneteenth is for all Americans (Michel Martin, NPR)

Key Data on Health and Health Care by Race and Ethnicity (Nambi Ndugga, Latoya Hill, and Samantha Artiga. (KFF)

Public memories. Private struggles. (Robert Samuels, Washington Post)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Funding trends 2023: Climate change mitigation philanthropy (ClimateWorks Foundation)

In Planning for Climate Change, Native Americans Draw on the Past (Tim Vanderpool, NRDC)

The exponential growth of solar power will change the world (Economist)