Nonprofit Radio: Gene & Amy’s 2023 Outlook

I recently joined fellow Nonprofit Radio contributor Amy Sample Ward in conversation with host Tony Martignetti about what we expect to see in the new year. Listen to the podcast here. Our esteemed contributors, Gene Takagi and Amy Sample Ward, reveal what they’re thinking about for the New Year. We’re talking about Twitter, donor advised […]

Nonprofit Radio: Getting Ready for 2022

I recently spoke with Tony Martignetti on Nonprofit Radio about the legal outlook for 2022. Here are some areas we discussed along with some bonus areas and additional resources – Technology Trends Cryptocurrency Nonprofits Get a New Type of Donation: Cryptocurrency (NY Times) How Your Nonprofit Can Accept Gifts Of Cryptocurrency (Forbes) Mozilla stops accepting cryptocurrency, Wikipedia […]

Some Trends for 2022

8 Trends | Nonprofit Law Blog Purpose-driven governance, taking the ecosystem into greater consideration (see The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership; Purpose-Driven Board Leadership, Legally Speaking) Boards making a more conscious effort of adding younger board members, understanding that their perspectives are part of their critical contribution (see Welcoming the Next Generation of Board […]

Predict-a-palooza: Civil Society Forecast 2019

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, I’ll be joining a panel of experts in discussing key trends and predictions for 2019. Our focus will be on civil society, discussing emerging developments in philanthropy, technology, data governance, public policy, and more. You can learn more about, and register for, this webinar organized by Digital Impact, an initiative […]

Independent Sector: Threads

Independent Sector and its convening partners are holding critical community conversations (“Threads”) about the key trends, obstacles, and opportunities that will affect every organization and individual working toward the common good over the next 20 years. A Threads conversation was held in Silicon Valley on Monday and another will be held in Oakland (where I’ll […]