Nonprofit Radio: Board’s Role in Program Oversight

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I’ll be on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio on Friday, January 10, 2014 talking with Tony about the board’s role in overseeing programs. Hope you’ll join us live at 10:30 am.PT / 1:30 pm ET or catch us later on iTunes.

Nonprofit boards are responsible for oversight of not only the financial affairs of their corporations but also the programmatic activities. In exercising such oversight, boards should take steps to:

  1. Ensure that the corporation’s programs are operating in compliance with applicable laws, and
  2. Develop a reasonable level of institutional understanding of whether such programs are advancing the organization’s exempt purposes effectively and efficiently given the corporation’s resources.

While determinations of program effectiveness and efficiency may be difficult and complex, nonprofit board members should act with reasonable care in attempting to inform themselves of such matters, which may have great significance in board decisions regarding planning, budgeting and resource allocation, as well as executive performance.

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