More Bay Area Nonprofits That Lost Their Tax-Exempt Status

On June 8, 2011, the IRS identified 275,000 nonprofits that had their federal tax-exempt status revoked as a result of failing to satisfy their filing requirement for three consecutive years (read more about that here).

Among the huge list of formerly tax-exempt nonprofits are 2,316 nonprofits from the following cities:  Berkeley (367), Oakland (907), Palo Alto (126), San Jose (684), and Santa Rosa (232).

Download Berkeley Revocations  Terminate

Download Oakland Revocations

Download Palo Alto Revocations

Download San Jose Revocations

Download Santa Rosa Revocations


See our post on San Francisco Revocations here.



Not surprisingly, there were some mistakes made by the IRS in compiling the list (read "IRS's Mistakes Cause Headaches for Some Nonprofits," The Chronicle of Philanthropy).  If your organization is mistakenly on the list, you should immediately contact the IRS to have that rectified.  If your organization is appropriately on the list, you should determine whether and how to get your tax-exemption reinstated, preferably retroactively, if possible.  A knowledgeable nonprofit attorney, consultant, or CPA may be of great assistance.