Gene Takagi Awarded 2016 Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award from ABA


The American Bar Association Nonprofit Organizations Committee of the Business Law Section has announced the 2016 Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award recipients.  NEO Law Group is very proud to share that Gene was awarded the Outstanding Lawyer Award for distinguished service as outside counsel to nonprofit organizations.  In announcing the award, the ABA stated:

After several decades of successful career ventures in various fields, Gene Takagi founded NEO Law Group, based in San Francisco, ten years ago to serve the legal needs of the nonprofit sector. NEO Law Group provides general corporate, charitable-trust, governance, and income-tax counsel exclusively to nonprofits and exempt organizations.

He has provided expert legal counsel and thoughtful advice to hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout California and the country. Gene repeatedly exhibits professionalism, dedication, and thoughtfulness in his approach to each and every client, regardless of the scope of the matter or the size of the organization. He has intentionally structured his practice to make his services available to even the smallest of organizations, which may otherwise be unable to afford or access legal counsel, while simultaneously serving organizations with annual revenues in the tens of millions of dollars.

Gene approaches his role as legal counsel from the perspective of an educator and uses every opportunity to empower his clients by providing information and useful tools. He is particularly well known in the sector as the contributing publisher of the Nonprofit Law Blog and as a regular contributor to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.


The other 2016 Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award recipients included:

  • Thomas A. Troyer, Vanguard Award
  • Judith Andrews, Outstanding Lawyer Award
  • Sherry Hibbert, Outstanding In-House Counsel Award
  • Brandon Dickerson, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award

Congratulations to each of the recipients of this prestigious award!