Curated Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 8/6/23

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week – our refresh of the Tweets of the Week posts that ran for 14 years.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

Significant Events:

  • “A grand jury indicted former president Donald Trump on Tuesday for a raft of alleged crimes in his brazen efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election — the latest legal and political aftershock stemming from the riot at the U.S. Capitol two and a half years ago.” Washington Post
  • “Long before the National Rifle Association tightened its grip on Congress, won over the Supreme Court and prescribed more guns as a solution to gun violence — before all that, Representative John D. Dingell Jr. had a plan. … First jotted on a yellow legal pad in 1975, it would transform the N.R.A. from a fusty club of sportsmen into a lobbying juggernaut that would enforce elected officials’ allegiance, derail legislation behind the scenes, redefine the legal landscape and deploy “all available resources at every level to influence the decision making process.”” NY Times
  • “Vladimir Putin wants to lead Russians into a civilizational conflict with the West far larger than Ukraine. Will they follow him?” NY Times

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

The Bold Truth about Critical Race Theory (Eric Ward, BOLD ReThink – YouTube)

Indigenous youth must be at the forefront of climate diplomacy (Temitope Olawunmi Sogbanmu, Heather Sauyaq Jean Gordon, Lahcen El Youssfi, Fridah Dermmillah Obare, Seira Duncan, Marion Hicks, Khadeejah Ibraheem Bello, Faris Ridzuan & Adeyemi Oladapo Aremu, Nature)

Disability Rights and Racial Justice (Marisa Wright, Legal Defense Fund)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Some July Heat: ‘Virtually Impossible’ Without Climate Change, Analysis Finds (Delger Erdenesanaa, NY Times)

It’s not just hot. Climate anomalies are emerging around the globe. (Brady Dennis and Scott Dance, Washington Post)

Big oil quietly walks back on climate pledges as global heat records tumble (Dharna Noor, The Guardian)