Curated Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 12/10/23

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

Is the OpenAI Kerfuffle the Nonprofit Law Story of the Decade? (Benjamin Leff, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog)

The $10 Billion Charity No One Has Heard Of (Alex Daniels, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Proposed Regulations Define Donor Advised Funds (Baker Hostetler, JD Supra)

More on the Proposed DAF Regulations (Benjamin Leff, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog)

10 Common Benefits of Dashboard Reporting (BoardSource)

Averting Charity Fraud: Tips and Actions (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

IRS Public Inspection Requirements for Charities (Wagenmaker & Oberly)

Thoughts from the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors Annual Conference (Ehsan Ali, Mill Law Center)

Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits [Ed. See also the incredibly valuable resources and advocacy provided by the National Council of Nonprofits and all of the state associations in its network.]

Hualapai Reservation – Nature, Culture and History at the Grand Canyon (Arizona State University) [Ed. I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time last Friday on the lands of the Hualapai Tribe. Possibly the most incredible, awesome sight I’ve had the privilege of seeing.]

Significant Events:

  • “The Biden administration faces mounting pressure over its provision of powerful weapons to Israel, with the spiraling death toll in Gaza deepening questions about whether the United States, as the country’s chief military backer, must do more to ensure civilians’ safety.” Washington Post
  • How Putin is reshaping Russia to keep his war-machine running He is creating a class of wealthy bureaucrats, who are the war’s biggest supporters … To justify his reconstruction of the Russian economy and to explain away his lack of military successes, Mr Putin is reframing the war as one not with Ukraine, but with the West, in which Ukraine is simply “a battering ram” used to pummel Russia. New history textbooks explain to pupils that Russia has always been and will always be in a state of war with the West. This narrative allows Mr Putin to depict everyday activities as a triumph.” The Economist
  • As Fury Erupts Over Campus Antisemitism, Conservatives Seize the Moment Republicans have been attacking elite universities for years. After a tense congressional hearing last week, many on the left are joining them.” NY Times

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

The Horizons Project: Dispatches From Possible Futures (Connie Razza and Amy Carroll, The Forge)

AP Exclusive: America’s Black attorneys general discuss race, politics and the justice system (Matt Brown, AP)

Health Coverage Among American Indian and Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander People (Latoya Hill and Samantha Artiga, KFF)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Five climate change solutions under the spotlight at COP28 (Mark Poynting, BBC)

Climate change is pushing Earth toward these 5 disastrous scenarios, report says (Doyle Rice, USA Today)

Oil firms are out in force at the climate talks. Here’s how to decode their language (Camila Domonoske, Julia Simon, NPR)