Council on Foundations 2012 Annual Conference

Los Angeles
The Council on Foundations 2012 Annual Conference was held in Los Angeles on April 28 – May 2.  Once again I was a virtual attendee through the valuable blogs and tweets of others.  Here are some my favorites:


Sixteen Lessons this Next Gen-er Walked Away with from my Time in Los Angeles (RE: Philanthropy) – Michele Frix


 A “Paradigm Shift” for Corporate Philanthropy (RE: Philanthropy) – Rick Cohen - “'How does business provide that leadership' to solve social problems…and 'how does corporate philanthropy help provide that leadership?'”

Foundations Urged to Do Better at Influencing the Public (The Chronicle of Philanthropy) – Maria di Mento – "One sign of how little foundations interact with the public, he said: Just 50 of the roughly 7,600 foundations in the United States participate in Glasspockets, a Foundation Center project designed to make it easy for anybody to find out what foundations do with their money."

Paving the Way for Philanthropic and Public Policy Partnerships (RE: Philanthropy) – Rick Cohen – "Reed proposed that private foundations partner and establish endowments  with community foundations, entrusting them with the advocacy and lobbying agendas that private foundations might not be able to pursue on their own."

Are You Being Left Behind as Technology Ushers In a Whole New Approach to Philanthropy?  (Beth's Blog) - Larry Eason and Shelley Wenk - “With or without the knowledge or approval of organizational leaders, social behavior is beginning to happen” and that “Everyone in the organization – not just one department – is engaged in these conversations.”



  • @CaseFoundation: "Foundations have to be a little more fearless. We have this extraordinary privilege to experiment." – @mrsmithDC
  • @knightfdn: "Don't caught up in the technology, get caught up in how you enter the conversation. – @mrsmithDC
  • @p2173: “@pewinternet: The New Environment for Foundations: Slides are up for @lrainie's talk from #cdicof/#cofla
  • @knightfdn: If you missed out on #cdicof #COFLA session on #philanthropy & the digital dialogue, get caught up! via @jeffcdi
  • @NCRP: New guide to corporate #philanthropy. Here's what we think #COFLA @Alliancemag
  • @aapip: Just released: "Emerging Opportunities: Giving/Participation by Silicon Valley Asian Am Cmties" 
  • @QuixoteTilts: Emmett Carson: Marriage equality=civil rights issue of our generation. Whatever the justification, discrimination is discrimination.