CompassPoint Nonprofit Day 2011 – September 19

This year's conference at the Oakland City Center Marriott offers attendees practical strategies for sustaining themselves and intensifying their impact in the nonprofit sector. CompassPoint's Nonprofit Day is always a popular event at which attendees can build skills, acquire knowledge, and enjoy the rare opportunity to reflect with peers and experts on the practices that lead to greater sustainability for staff, for organizations, and for movements.

CompassPoint 2011

Emily and I will be there presenting with nonprofit analyst and consultant Paula Smith Arrigoni on:

Adopting Earned Revenue Strategies to Bolster Revenue: Worth the Effort and Risk? 

“Diversified” and “revenue” are two of the most hallowed words in the nonprofit world. Yet, when many nonprofits think “diversified”, they stop at government grants and contracts, private contributions and special events. On the other extreme, social enterprises often eschew public support entirely, banking on rapid earned revenue growth and scalability. The primary purpose of this workshop is to explore the middle ground, where nonprofits tap into earned revenue sources to augment and stabilize overall revenue mix, without veering off-mission or incurring excessive risk. The secondary purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the choice of legal structures possible with related and unrelated business activities and the impact on the nonprofit sector of newer competing “hybrid-type” social enterprises like the L3C, benefit corporation, and flexible purpose corporation.  9/22 UPDATE:  Handout available here.

Here's what else is going on:

Morning plenaries –

  • Rethinking the Nonprofit Workplace
  • Rethinking Strategy: The Intersection of Impact, Brand, and Business Model
  • Rethinking Leadership
  • Rethinking Movement Building 

Afternoon workshops - 

  • Beyond Oversight: The Board’s Role in Sustainability
  • Rethinking Foundation and Corporate Fundraising
  • Peer Coaching: How Your Peers Can Help You Solve Work Challenges
  • Your Next (Best) Communications Game Plan
  • Finance and Sustainability: What's a Program Manager's Role?
  • How to Fail Spectacularly (and What You Can Learn from It)
  • Rethinking Grassroots Fundraising: Models for Making a Culture Shift
  • Leading Organizational Change: Seven Steps to Success 

Check out the full program and lineup of speakers and reserve your space at CompassPoint Nonprofit Day.

9/22 UPDATE:  Plenary and session handouts/resources from Nonprofit Day available here.