CalNonprofits Webinar – Good Standing: Compliance & Your Nonprofit

NEO Principal Attorney Erin Bradrick will be presenting a free webinar for the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 on the subject of maintaining good standing for nonprofit charitable organizations under state and federal tax-exemption laws.

This year, many nonprofits were caught up short when they learned they were “not in good standing” with California reporting requirements. In fact, about 20% of nonprofits are delinquent in one form or another — which can block timely receipt of funds from foundations, Giving Tuesday, and contracts with local and state government. This webinar will go over all the forms — and all the different government agencies — that require nonprofits to file with them. Make sure your organization doesn’t end up in hot water!

You’ll learn about:

  • Federal and California regulatory agencies that require reports from nonprofits (it’s not just the IRS!)
  • How to determine which filing and registration requirements apply to your organization
  • Where to find one-time and annual required forms and instructions 
  • What to do if you missed filing a form or are out of compliance with a filing or registration requirement 

Erin Bradrick is a nationally recognized expert on nonprofit law, reflected in part by her membership on the committee working with the California Attorney General’s Office on the recently revised Guide for Charities. Erin’s practice focuses on corporate, governance, charitable trust, and tax matters solely for nonprofit and exempt organizations. Erin co-designed and teaches a course on the business of nonprofits at Columbia University and writes and speaks extensively on legal issues impacting the nonprofit sector.  Erin has volunteered on many CalNonprofits policy projects, and she brings great warmth and wry humor to her deep expertise.

If you work with a charitable nonprofit operating in California, whether incorporated in California or not, you should check out this important webinar.

Five Reasons for Compliance

  1. It’s the law, and there are penalties for failure to comply.
  2. The organization may not be able to operate or fundraise if it’s not in compliance.
  3. It demonstrates transparency and accountability, which are fundamental to the board’s governance and to earning and preserving donor confidence and public trust in the organization and the charitable sector.
  4. It helps prevent diversions of charitable assets and fraud.
  5. It helps government regulators oversee the charitable sector.


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