Tweets of the Week – September 10, 2010

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises:

  • p2173: Oh this is good – I hit a nerve about transparency and risk – will be back there to respond to great comments coming in
  • nonprofitlawyer: Seattle Foundation provides data on 700 nonprofits – @ssstrom article and Siegel's analysis
  • GTak: Good, easy to understand nonprofit lobbying resources on @IndSector website:
  • robertegger: Salon – Why charities should be political
  • npmaven: Quote on board meetings of importance by @alicekorngold inspired new post. Do members leave feeling fulfilled?
  • nff_news: Mergers: they're not just a for-profit concept. How #nonprofits use mergers and alliances, with @TomMcLaughlin01:
  • tactphil: Are "diverse revenue streams" good for nonprofit or harmful?
  • Philanthropy: Corporate Gifts to Congressional Charities Raise Questions
  • Montero: Excellent! short & 2 d point RT @OKL: To Define Social Enterprise (not saying we need to), Focus On The Results
  • saduros: Bob Lang and the L3C get a mention in the Chronicle of Philanthropy as tool in job creation toolbox
  • lucymarcus: My thoughts – Beyond Optics: Why Board Diversity Really Matters
  • board_member: Executive comp is No. 1 issue for directors on our Top 10 Concerns for Directors and General Counsel list

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