Tweets of the Week – November 25, 2011

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!  Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises:

  • BridgespanGroup: Nonprofit leaders bracing for super-committee cuts, here are 5 things to do now.
  • emilychan: Excellent set of resources on Form 990 [governance] policies via Public Counsel 
  • Philanthropy: Should Boomers Stop Creating New Nonprofits? The debate rages on:
  • ssstrom: Gates Foundation ups its PRI bets to $1B NYTimes: To Advance Their Cause, Foundations Buy Stocks
  • lisachiuster: Reading CJR rpt. on nonprofit journalism orgs & long delays w/ IRS
  • GTak: 9th Circuit wants cy pres charities chosen carefully –
  • lanewealthgroup: How big companies are flirting with socially responsible businesses
  • SocEntp: Check out my colleague Steven J Haymore's fantastic article on B Corps & fiduciary duties in Vandy Law Rev.
  • npquarterly: What's trending on NPQ? A Wall Street Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street: The Meaning for Nonprofits
  • GregLColvin: Wow 723 Likes, Nation of Change for my blog Finally a Constitutional Amendment for the 99%, Rep. Deutch's OCCUPIED

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