Tweets of the Week – 5/14/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: Dryburgh: Typical problems with charitable gifts – purpose restrictions, naming rights, confidentiality, how costs are to be charged
  • GTak: Huge liability exposure: copy machine hard drives (wipe before sale/disposal). (CBS) via @SCartierLiebel
  • GTak: China's crackdown on nonprofit groups prompts new fear among activists (Wash Post)
  • GTak: Legalities of Nonprofit Internships – (Blue Avocado) – intern? employee? volunteer? stipend? compensation?
  • GTak: "Time's Up! What You Need to Know About Your 990" – – Nonprofit Quarterly (highly recommended)
  • p2173: Disrupting Phil Online FINAL"
  • BlueLotusCA: Interesting idea on board terms via: Blue Avocado
  • charitylawyer: On May 7, 2010, IRS announced in IRS Exempt Organization Update 2010-11, that Cyber Assistant is delayed – no release this year.
  • familygiving: JPMorgan's head of philanthropy on how giving is transforming wealth management:
  • L3C_RickZ: What are social sector leaders thinking? How are they measuring their results?

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