Tweets of the Week – 2/26/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: 50 Fascinating Lectures for Humanitarians –
  • BoardSource: Senate Passes Jobs Bill That Includes Tax Credit for Nonprofit Employers
  • rosettathurman: Why Don’t More Members of Gens X and Y Join Boards?
  • acumenfund: How do you recognize a linchpin? The indispensable listeners, doers, potential world changers…
  • DonKramer: Can a for-profit business owner start a #nonprofit public charity?
  • L3C_RickZ: Here's an article that nicely summarizes PRI & MRI for foundations.
  • asiangiving: What Asian American philanthropy bloggers blog about
  • CauseGlobal: If you haven't read, check out "The Internet in 2020-What the Experts Predict" from ReadWriteWeb in NYT:

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