Tweets of the Week – 1/15/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets of the past week: GTak: Hybrids: B corporation … L3C … H corporation? (Cal Lawyer); (Katovich Law) GTak: CA FTB Update: Sending revocation letters to nonprofits that have been suspended – if revoked, need to reapply w/Form 3500 (not 3500A) GTak: CA AG Update: Franchise Tax Board will be notified of suspension/revocation of […]

Tweets of the Week – 1/1/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets of the past week: GTak: Getting It Done: Improving Nonprofit Performance (Harvard Business School, 9/18/00) GTak: Charity Governance Blog's Nonprofit Scandal of the Year – and NY Times Editorial – GTak: Jeffrey Sachs: Our Millennium Challenges: environmental degradation, population change, extreme poverty, global problem solving pndblog 2009: […]

Are Charity Boards Ready for Tough Times Ahead?

The headline of the November 12, 2009 edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy ("The Chronicle") asks "Are Charities Ready for Tough Times Ahead?"  The article answers the question as follows: While opinions are mixed, many philanthropy experts say the short answer is no; charities and foundations are too complacent in the face of the economic […]