Tweets of the Week – 1/1/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets of the past week:

  • GTak: Getting It Done:
    Improving Nonprofit Performance (Harvard Business
    School, 9/18/00)
  • GTak: Charity Governance Blog's
    Nonprofit Scandal of the Year and NY Times
    Editorial –
  • GTak: Jeffrey Sachs: Our
    Millennium Challenges: environmental degradation, population change, extreme
    poverty, global problem solving
  • pndblog 2009: The Year In Review'
    Now Online
  • fabriceflorin Here are the Best News
    Stories of 2009 on @newstrust – Thanks to our community
    for over 28,000 story reviews this year!
  • p2173 The end of the year and
    decade – Philanthropy Buzzword List – 2009.8, 9, and 10
  • Philanthropy Give & Take: Ideas That
    Attracted the Most Attention in the Nonprofit World in 2009
  • Philanthropy Nonprofit News in 2009:
    What Attracted the Most Readers
  • COF_ Evaluation in Philanthropy:
    Perspectives from the Field – a new publication from GEO and released with the
  • Philanthropy Give & Take: Top
    Philanthropy Events of the Last 10 Years
  • danielle_reyes Simplify your life in the
    new year by having less! Clean out the closets, donate your goods and get a tax
    deduction too!
  • socialentrprnr Here it is – the big one:
    Top Moments of the Decade in Social Entrepreneurship
  • saduros In depth discussion on
    social enterprise hybrids on Social Edge

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