Fiscal Sponsorship and Board Governance

On July 11, 2023, Fiscal Sponsor Conversations (“the weekly form for fiscal sponsors”) focused its discussion on governance for fiscal sponsors. What role does your Board of Directors play in your organization’s fiscal sponsorship work? How is it working? What could be improved? As with most things in fiscal sponsorship, there isn’t one single “right” […]

Ex Officio Director – What? Why? How?

Many nonprofits use the term “ex officio director” (or “ex officio board member”) without a clear understanding of what the term means and how to properly incorporate one or more ex officio directors in their governance structures. Definitions  The term director refers to an individual serving as a voting member of the board of directors […]

Where Nonprofit Boards Fall Short

A few months ago, Harvard Business Review published a great piece by Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman titled Where Boards Fall Short.  In the piece, the authors examined the ways in which boards of directors are failing their organizations and discussed areas in which we should begin to make changes regarding how we approach board […]

Nonprofit Boards and Change: Center for Excellence in Nonprofits Program

One June 15, I attended Champions for Change: How to Orchestrate Strategic Level Transformations presented by Susan Meier of BoardSource for the Center for Excellence in Nonprofits. Susan began by providing us with three examples of for-profit corporations that either successfully transformed or failed to transform, setting the stage for an examination of nonprofit governance […]

Tweets of the Week – 4/9/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week: GTak: The number of charities and private foundations increased by 4.3 percent from 2008 to 2009 (total of > 1.2 million) – Chron of Phil 3/25 GTak: Foundations not embracing PRI: Median amount for program-related investments fell from $898,000 in 2008 to $479,000 in 2009 […]

The 100-Member Board of Directors – Part One

While there seems to be wide agreement that there should be no laws that limit the maximum number of directors on the board of a nonprofit corporation, we all know that there is some number beyond which effective and responsible governance is impractical.  That number may vary depending on the particular nonprofit and its directors. […]