SOCAP10: At the Intersection of Money and Meaning – Updated 10/09/10

SOCAP10:  "Now in its third year, SOCAP10 is the largest interdisciplinary gathering of individuals and institutions at the intersection of money and meaning.  Impact Investors, social entrepreneurs, funders, and other innovators come to SOCAP to build a movement.  SOCAP 10 will seek to answer the question ‘What’s Next?’ for the social capital markets. Participants can dive into one of seven tracks to see where the money is moving, how deals are getting done and who is pushing boundaries across the landscape."

As much as I wanted to attend, my schedule didn't allow it.  Fortunately, I could follow the many tweets (#socap10) and blogs coming out of the conference.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Philanthropy: SOCAP10 $120-Billion Could Go to Social Investments:
  • kylewestaway: If u want to plan for a year invest in a company. For a decade invest in a fund. For a century invest in an asset class.
  • tippingbucket: People in this room are changing the rules, but the rest of the world doesn't even know there's a game on.
  • Humantific: SOCAP10 – Acumen Fund: We need standard metrics that measure social as well as financial impact
  • SCaldwell: Think of the SOCAP10 marriage of Impact Investing and Philanthropy as courtship. Last year=awkward, this year=dating, next year=doin' it!
  • socentlaw: SoCap10 Day 1 Recap
  • Philanthropy: New Benefit Corporation Legislation Takes Effect in Maryland
  • nedgington: SoCap10 still struggles to find a place for the nonprofit side of the market:
  • financeforfood: Michael Whelchel: #foundations invest 95% of assets in publicly-traded companies causing the probs they try to solve
  • triplepundit: Social Impact Bonds: Creating New Impact Investment Vehicles
  • SOCAP10: I keep doing this because I keep getting inspired by the communities we work in. – Nyla Rodgers Mama Hope
  • NicoleCOP: Kiva seeks to move beyond making loans to entrepreneurs.