Senate Passes Tax Relief Act of 2005

The Senate passed the Tax Relief Act of 2005, with certain amendments, by a vote of 64 to 33 early this morning.  The two California Senators were split; Sen. Diane Feinstein voted in favor of passage and Sen. Barbara Boxer voted against it.

The following provisions are covered by the bill:

  • IRA charitable rollover
  • Non-itemizer deduction
  • Conservation
  • State-federal disclosure
  • Definition of "donor-advised funds"
  • Aggregate payout requirement for donor-advised funds
  • Minimum distribution rule for donor-advised funds
  • Special rules for gifts of illiquid assets to fund a donor-advised fund
  • Prohibition on income, gift and estate tax deductions for gifts to donor-advised funds to certain supporting organizations
  • Expansion of "disqualified persons" for purposes of IRC section 4958
  • Grants from donor-advised funds to supporting organizations
  • Grants from Type III supporting organizations to donor-advised funds
  • Application of excess business holdings rule to Type III supporting organizations
  • 5% payout requirement for Type III supporting organizations
  • Grants from private foundations to supporting organizations not considered qualifying distributions for the private foundation unless the private foundation exercises expenditure responsibility
  • Increased penalties for violations of private foundation rules

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