San Francisco Business Times’ Top Corporate Philanthropists

Below is a partial list of the 65 Top Corporate Philanthropists in the Greater Bay Area published by The San Francisco Business Times in the “Corporate Philanthropy 2006” supplement to its July 21-27, 2006 issue.  The rankings were based on total cash contributions paid to Bay Area-based charitable organizations in 2005.

1.   Wells Fargo & Co.
2.   Intel Corp.
3.   Bank of America Corp.
4.   Chevron Corp.
5.   Applied Materials Inc.
6.   PG&E Corp.
7.   Citigroup Inc.
8.   Washington Mututal Inc.
9.   AT&T Corp.
10. The Clorox Co.
11. Union Bank of California
12. Genentech Inc.
13. Microsoft Corp.
14. Hewlett-Packard Co.
15. Sobrato Development Cos.
16. McKesson Corp.
17. Gap Inc.
18. Cisco Systems Inc.
19. eBay Inc.
20. Greater Bay Bancorp.

The San Francisco Business Times reported that the 65 corporate philanthropists on its list gave a total of $107 million in cash contributions in 2005, a record amount.  The top five contributed $45 million.