Office of Tax Policy and IRS 2005-2006 Priority Guidance Plan

The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service released their 2005-2006 Priority Guidance Plan on August 8, 2005.  The following is from the short section on Exempt Organizations:


1.  Guidance on donee reporting for car donations.
2.  Guidance on downpayment assistance organizations.
3.  Regulations under sections 501(c)(3) and 4958 on revocation standards.
4.  Guidance under section 501(c)(15) on the calculation of gross receipts.
5.  Guidance under section 527(l) with respect to the authority to waive taxes and amounts imposed on political organizations for failures to comply with notice and reporting requirements.
6.  Regulations under section 529 regarding qualified tuition programs.

In addition, the Priority Guidance Plan notes the following scheduled release in January 2006:

Revenue procedure updating the user fee program as it pertains to requests for letter rulings, determination letters, etc. in employee plans and exempt organizations matters under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Commissioner, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division.