Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – May 23, 2014

Fortune cookie: "Invest Wisely."


I had the pleasure of attending the Northern California Planned Giving Council’s 22nd Annual Planned Giving Conference on Monday. The keynote speakers were Jan Masaoka (CEO, California Association of Nonprofits) and Premal Shah (President, Kiva). Quoting an African proverb that has significance on so many levels, Jan said: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Premal inspired with us with a description of his personal journey in founding and operating Kiva and how Kiva’s work blended nicely with gift planning and investing in social good that can continue to propagate (check out the pilot program Kiva Zip).

Have a listen to Shinedown’s Unity (Kiva = Unity) while perusing this week’s tweets on nonprofits, philanthropy, governance and social enterprises:

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  • Dori Kreiger: Just Released! [FoundationSource] 2014 Annual Report: Insights into behavior of the 98% US #privatefoundations w assets < $50 m
  • Gene: Did you know about the optional expedited processing of 501(c)(4) IRS applications IRS
  • Gene: Legal issues for affiliated organizations Harmon Curran
  • CompassPoint: Enjoy your morning cup of joe with Board Café, a treasure trove of resources for #nonprofit boards.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Paul Hogan urges nonprofits to quit lauding the sanctity of boards, staff and founders!
  • La Piana Consulting: Working on a new strategy, initiative, or other organizational change? Don’t forget your board!
  • Gene: Great advice from the @99u Conference recaps … but curiously so far missing #socialgood lens [Ed., Recap 6 – Innovation Lessons from the Trenches – published after this tweet filled the gap!]