Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 1/9/15

Freedom of Speech

The past week was marked by the horrendous shootings in Paris targeting journalists at a French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the public response “Je suis Charlie” from those standing in solidarity with the victims and those who willingly risk their security to promote freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Have a listen to Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt perform We Shall Overcome while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Nonprofit Quarterly: TRENDING: 11 Biggest Nonprofit Stories of 2014 and Their Implications for Our Future
  • Matthew Bishop: Ten predictions for philanthrocapitalism in 2015
  • LinkedInForGood: Better investment: #socent or #charity? Debate in NY Times. @SonalRShah @darrenwalker @NYWomensFdn @charitywater
  • Independent Sector: New year and a new way of thinking abt the role of the philanthropic sector and how we work toward a brighter future
  • Nayantara Mehta: New IRS Rules On “Dark Money” Likely Won’t Be Ready Before 2016 Election – Mint Press News
  • Ellis Carter: Is it time for a Legal Audit? #nonprofit
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Look out for these ten ways to destroy your #nonprofit: #10WaysToKill
  • Living Cities: Throwback to one of our best blogs: “5 Ways city govt & #Philanthropy can partner to disrupt #inequality”
  • Cecily Jackson Zapata: The problem with #venture #philanthropy in #pharma NY Times #nonrprofit
  • Richard LeBlanc: Eight CSR Trends to Watch Out For in 2015 [with various experts including @alicekorngold]
  • Erin Bradrick: Where do for-profit boards fall short? And how do these considerations apply to nonprofit boards? blog post to come!