Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 12/7/18

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • Federal prosecutors drew some more important lines between Russia and those connected to President Trump on Friday, in a trio of filings in the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort cases.” Washington Post
  • Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, lied to federal investigators about his contacts with Trump administration officials and his interactions with a Russian linked to Moscow’s intelligence services, the special counsel’s office said on Friday.” NY Times
  • “George Bush, the 41st president of the United States and the father of the 43rd, who steered the nation through a tumultuous period in world affairs but was denied a second term after support for his presidency collapsed under the weight of an economic downturn and his seeming inattention to domestic affairs, died on Friday night at his home in Houston. He was 94.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • New York Times: He has made millions off of detained migrant children: Meet the nonprofit founder indispensable to the Trump administration’s immigration policy.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: 5 core lessons for reimagining philanthropy for a just world: from @justicefunders
  • CalNonprofits: Calling all California nonprofits! We need your help to tell the story of the nonprofit sector & the impact of our work. Complete this survey by 12/21: @usdnonprofit
  • Cal Wellness: Can the money that is at the heart of the foundation business model be responsive to a foundation’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion? The answer is yes. Read this report from @philanthropynw
  • Gene: From @VillanuevaEdgar, Decolonizing Wealth, 3 questions for funders: 1) Where did this money come from? 2) Who gets to allocate, manage and spend it? 3) How can we rise above the processes we’ve created to reach folks who may have different solutions? A Call to Modernize American Philanthropy
  • Fast Co. Ideas: 61% of all @gofundme givers this year were first-time donors. And that’s not all. These 5 numbers show how GoFundMe is booming – Fast Company
  • Independent Sector: Is nonpartisanship the reason #nonprofits were critically influential in the 2018 elections? Allison Grayson makes the case that it is, & outlines the connection between #JohnsonAmendment & public trust in nonprofits. #VoicesforGood Johnson Amendment Helped Nonprofits Influence 2018 Elections [Ed. It’s particularly important to remind your Congressional representatives that it’s imperative to protect the Johnson Amendment, the part of the law that prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in electioneering, because there is a large faction of Republicans that want to allow charities to engage in political campaign intervention and dark money to flow into politics through charities, and they’re slipping in provisions in general spending bills to accomplish these goals.]
  • Anne Wallestad: A hyper focus on cost of fundraising is problematic. Reporting on the cost of fundraising of one specific fundraising tactic is downright dangerous. Big thanks to @Philanthropy for running my piece about the #PenniesforCharity database and report. CoP
  • Institutional Investor: Not One Ivy League Endowment Beat a Simple U.S. 60-40 Portfolio Over Ten Years
  • Ray Madoff: Fascinating DAF Case-Investors accuse Fidelity Charitable of breach of contract after liquidating shares; court denies motion to dismiss NorCal Record

Themed Media Selection:

Prosecutors: Cohen committed crimes at the direction of ‘Individual-1’ aka Trump (MSNBC)