Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 12/28/18

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “Large parts of the federal government shut down overnight after President Trump torpedoed a bipartisan spending deal because it lacked the money he demanded for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.” Washington Post (12/22)
  • “In just two years, President Trump has unleashed a regulatory rollback, lobbied for and cheered on by industry, with little parallel in the past half-century. Mr. Trump enthusiastically promotes the changes as creating jobs, freeing business from the shackles of government and helping the economy grow. The trade-offs, while often out of public view, are real — frighteningly so, for some people — imperiling progress in cleaning up the air we breathe and the water we drink, and in some cases upending the very relationship with the environment around us.” NY Times
  • “A Guatemalan boy who died on Christmas Eve while in United States custody was moved among at least four crowded facilities at the border over the six days from his apprehension until his death. … Kirstjen M. Nielsen, the secretary of homeland security, acknowledged on Wednesday that the “dramatic increase” had pushed the system to “a breaking point.”” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Stacy Palmer: Trump’s 2017 tax bill will likely mean billions less in donations for charities this year via @usatoday
  • Gene: Predictions for 2017 based on impact of “TCJA” shouldn’t be relied upon heavily because of (1) other influences on giving that may also be changing, and (2) lack of widespread recognition that some 90% of donors will no longer benefit from a charitable contribution deduction.
  • Gene: EO Nuggets from the JCT’s TCJA Explanation, Including Needed Technical Corrections – Nonprofit Law Prof Blog – @NDNonprofitProf
  • Guidestar USA: What are the top #nonprofit trends to look for in the new year? Watch the recording of our recent webinar to get all the details! YouTube
  • Philantopic: Tips for Making Your Last-Minute Year-End Donations #giving #taxpolicy
  • Don Kramer: Donors May Sue Fidelity Gift Fund For Dumping Stock After Donation
  • Linda Baker: Counting down the #topten resources on the @PackardOE Knowledge Center for 2018. Can you guess what came out on top? Packard Foundation
  • Johnson Center for Philanthropy: “Does change come from the bottom up or top down?” In our most popular blog post from 2018, @PaulSchmitz1 explores what some of the year’s most intriguing writers have to say about power and leadership in #philanthropy. Top-down, Meet Bottom-up (Elite Power, New Power, and Sharing Power)
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: What does the recent rapid growth of liberal #501c4 organizations mean?
  • Bridgespan Group: If succession planning is so important, why do #nonprofit CEOs and boards put it off? Tips for overcoming the barriers to successful planning #leadership

Themed Media Selection:

What happened this week (in anything but politics) (CNN)