Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – June 15, 2012

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises:

  • Gene: High Pay for Nonprofit Execs? Analysis of 100,000 Salaries –
  • Emily: Baby Steps, Big Consequences: How Minimal Efforts Can Maximize Nonprofits' Insurance Coverage – (Venables)
  • Law For Change: Best practices a nonprofit or social enterprise can follow when terminating an employee? Ask LawForChange.
  • Darian Heyman: Caution: Eight Ways Your Employee Social-Media Policy May Violate Federal Law – [Ed. Check out Darian's & Ritu's Social Media For Nonprofits, the world’s only conference series dedicated to social media for social good.]
  • Gene: IRS Advisory Committee Recommends Significant Changes to Form 1023 Application for Exemption –
  • Gene: Another great nonprofit resource from Alliance for Justice – electioneering communications & Van Hollen - [Ed. Thanks to AFJ and Melissa Mikesell for organizing the always informative semiannual Tax & Election Law Lunch I attended this week.]
  • National Council of Nonprofits: Board development and orientation resources revisited –
  • Lucy Marcus: In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: Rev. Jim Kowalski talks about nonprofit boards, diversity & drive (video) Reuters –
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: What you need to know about financial transactions with board members and nonprofits –
  • Debra Beck: New post: 10 ways to 'see' board culture -
  • Hildy Gottlieb: 5 Steps to Recruiting an Effective Board –
  • Gene: Governance of Social Enterprises – – looks like a great resource [from the Schwab Foundation]
  • Rob Reich: Phil Buchanan at Center for Effective Philanthropy has some stimulating and skeptical thoughts about social enterpises:
  • Social Edge: The amazing potential of crowdfunding ~ Matthew Bishop in The Economist, with Indiegogo & GoGoDanae –
  • Idealware: NY Times has an interesting article about the crowdfunding of scientific research projects –
  • Sarah Szalavitz: Kickstarter failures revealed! (infographic) – Fascinating!

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