Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – June 1, 2012

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • MN Nonprofits: … Why board members miss the red flags. via Kate Barr – Nonprofit Assistance Fund –
  • Nonprofit Issues: Can nonprofit board members be held liable for an organizations payroll tax debt?
  • Ellis Carter: Board Confidentiality – What Happens in the Board Room Stays in the Board Room:
  • Patrick Sternal: Tax Court denies $19M charitable deduction for failure to meet appraisal requirements: | Self prep Form 8283=bad idea
  • Emily: Are You Headed For An Iceberg? Tips for avoiding common employment law pitfalls via Olive Grove Consulting -
  • Law For Change: Are you in a commercial co-venture? Many legitimate ways to raise cash still require charities to register with the AG.
  • Gene: Why Companies Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Their Social Responsibilities | Time Mag – 
  • Darian Heyman: Can your tweets be subpoenaed fr Twitter? Social Media Case Law – The Beginning, via socialmediatoday.
  • Omidyar Network: How Financial Innovation Can Save the World A must read impact investing article in The Atlantic 
  • Caroline Preston: Is philanthropy print journalism's last hope?

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