Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – August 16, 2013



Lots of debate and discussion about charity and philanthropy this week. Have a listen to the Beatles' Come Together as you peruse this week's tweets:

  • NY Times Opinion: Good Charity, Bad Charity 
  • HuffPost Impact: Bill Gates: Space dollars should be spent on fighting poverty
  • Rob Reich: Does Philanthropy Help the Poor? Should it? New post @ Medium
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Bill Schambra says there are serious problems with strategic philanthropy – do you agree?
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Earlier this week Bill Schambra blasted the practices of strategic philanthropy – Paul Brest retorts
  • Hewlett Foundation: Our Larry Kramer responds to Schambra with call for philanthropy based on systematized knowledge + local experience:  
  • Erin Bradrick: NJ court orders nonprofit to return gift after failing to honor donor's intent: PND
  • Rob Reich: Tax Foundation report on eliminating the charitable deduction. 
  • Rick Cohen: Tax Foundation Zeroes Out Charitable Deduction and Discovers Positive Impacts – but misses point about charities Nonprofit Quarterly 
  • Emily Chan: Reporting Organizational Changes to California State Agencies via Nonprofit Law Matters  
  • Lucy Berhnolz: McKinsey launches 2.0 of organizational assessment tool for nonprofits
  • Law for Change: Be Cautious When Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy: How much should nonprofit executives make? Phil Buchanan (CEP) and Dan Pallotta disagree Chronicle of Philanthropy 
  • Philanthropy: Want to Avoid a Bad Board Experience? Consider Saying No