Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – April 29, 2011

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • IndSector: Check out our NEW Resource Center for Good Governance & Ethical Practice!
  • npquarterly: Jeanne Bell proposes expanded role for board finance committees – beyond oversight, toward sustainability
  • CynthiaRRowland: Here's a great article on Risk Management: Uncommon Sense by Melanie Herman
  • LawForChange: Four things the boards of nonprofits should understand about operating reserves. 
  • Philanthropy: Is The Three Cups of Tea Controversy Painting the Wrong Picture About the Nonprofit World?
  • IndSector: New: Check out the IS 112th Legislative Agenda, incl. legislative priorities & policy positions
  • GregLColvin: Let’s Compare the Constitutional Amendments Proposed after Citizens United
  • TrustEnabler: Heading to Your First Nonprofit Board Meeting? Here's What You Need to Know | Fast Company:
  • TrustEnabler: KPMG Q: Does the board have the resources it needs to exercise leadership and maintain accountability?
  • gaylegifford: What's in your nonprofit board member contract? Here's one sample:
  • gaylegifford: Why nonprofit board chairs shouldn't boss the CEO
  • nonprofitlawyer: Boston sends 'tax' bills to major nonprofits @pndblog // Recent report on taxing tax-exempt sector

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