Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 8/2/19

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The man believed to have opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on Sunday, killing 3 and wounding 12, was identified by a law enforcement source as Santino William Legan, 19, of Gilroy. … Legan was fatally shot by police Sunday after the mass shooting at the popular food festival in Santa Clara County. A 6-year-old boy, 13-year-old girl and a man in his 20s were killed, said Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee. The gun used in the attack was purchased legally in Nevada on July 9, he said.” LA Times
  • “Mr. Trump again disparaged Representative Elijah E. Cummings, a Maryland Democrat he has accused in recent days of running a “disgusting” congressional district. … Mr. Trump offered no evidence of corruption nor did he explain on what he based such an accusation. But he made clear he was unwilling to back down in a continuing war of words that has aggravated racial tensions ….” NY Times
  • “President Trump unexpectedly announced on Thursday that he will impose new tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports, effectively taxing every product that Americans buy from China.” Washington Post

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • CalNonprofits: NEW guide to online giving from [California Attorney General] @AGBecerra Charity Office includes legal issues and helpful suggestions for donors and nonprofits. OAG
  • Xavier Becerra: Our troops fight for us every day –– and we’re fighting for them. When a dishonest charity like Move America Forward violates the law at the expense of military families, we won’t hesitate to take action. SacBee
  • Allison Higgins: Numbers in nonprofit news: 65% – The decline in # of taxpayers w/ annual income of $100K to $200K who itemized deductions on their federal income taxes in 2018. The share of people making $200K to $500K who itemize fell by 45%. NCNP @NatlCouncilNPs
  • Carrie Garber Siegrist: Court strikes down Rev. Proc. 2018-38 – which allowed #501(c)(4)s to not report IDs of donors on #990 Sch. B – due to failure to follow proper notice-and-comment procedures. #nonprofitlaw Summary of case pre-order in:
  • Politico: The Conservative Majority Fund has raised nearly $10 million since mid-2012, but has made just $48,400 in political contributions How conservative operatives steered millions in PAC donations to themselves
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Thinking of joining a nonprofit board? Make sure to read these 12 reasons NOT to before: #boards #governance [Ed. Nice to see my article from 2014 get republished in NPQ.]
  • Darren Walker: A call for museum boards to pursue diversity and excellence. NY Times @nytopinion
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Alfred E. Osborne, the chair of Fidelity Charitable’s Board of Trustees, reflects on an enormous uptick in its grantmaking from its donor-advised funds over the past six months. #DAF #philanthropy NPQ
  • Nonprofit Times: Here they are, the #nonprofit leaders of the 2019 NPT Power & Influence Top 50 #NPTpower50 #philanthropy #foundations #nptech #csr #impinv #socent
  • Fast Co. Impact: Stanford profs: U.S. income inequality is only getting worse. Now what?

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