Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 7/3/15

Statue of Liberty on Hudson River in NYC

As we head into a long holiday weekend and Independence Day, have a listen to Bruce Springsteen‘s American Land and think about what you can do for our country while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Rob Reich: Decision today on gay marriage puts the lie to any person who scoffs at the possibility (and significance) of enormous political progress.
  • Gene: Schools Fear Gay Marriage Ruling Could End Tax Exemptions NY Times
  • Alex Daniels: Opinion: As We Mourn Charleston’s Victims, Philanthropy Must Act via @Philanthropy
  • Carl Malamud: The IRS has announced they will be distributing e-file data starting in 2016. … Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Steve Zimmerman: One of the best nonprofit finance primers ever. Required reading for all leaders. Thx for reprinting Nonprofit Quarterly
  • WSJ China Real Time: China is building a cage around NGOs both foreign and domestic, writes Stanley Lubman – Wall Street Journal
  • GOOD: Bigoted donor embarrassed by Girl Scouts after giant cash offer rejected.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Feds are finally taking action against #crowdfunding fraud, and it’s about time.
  • For Purpose Law: CompassPoint — Three Essential Shifts for the Nonprofit Sector
  • Marc Lane: 11 things we learned about social enterprise in international development @KatherinePurvis #socent