Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 7/22/16


The past week was marked by the Republican National Convention and Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism of a Michelle Obama speech from 2008. Have a listen to Robin Thicke’s (and Marvin Gaye’s) Blurred Lines while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Nonprofit Quarterly: In this new regulatory environment, can #nonprofits find a balance? NPQ
  • For Purpose Law: When the Revenue Agent Comes Calling: Organizational Control
  • Gene: The Future of #Philanthropy: Is a new gospel of giving on the rise? Eight philanthropic thinkers weigh in. The Nation
  • Bridgespan Group: 5 ways being flexible helps makes your #philanthropy more impactful:
  • Gene: 7 Steps #Philanthropy Can Take to Bring the #SDGs Home to America – @nataliejoross @cof
  • Stacy Palmer: Icebucket challenge lowered average age of donors to ALS charity from 50 to 35 & still prompting 25% rise in gifts The New Yorker
  • Gene: The Next Stage of Social Entrepreneurship: Benefit Corporations & the Companies Using This Innovative Corporate Form ABA
  • Jake Hayman: Is social investment a threat to #charity values? Forbes #socent #socinv #socialinvesting #philanthropy #Fundraising #CSR
  • Drew Lindsay: #BlackLivesMatter activism + #philanthropy? Foundations try to sort out their role. @Philanthropy [Ed. Behind Chronicle of Philanthropy paywall.]
  • Nonprofit VOTE: BREAKING: @google to offer state-specific voter reg. guide ahead of 2016 Elections!  YASS!