Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 2/7/20

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “The Senate voted Wednesday to acquit President Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, ending a historic Senate trial that was centered on his conduct toward Ukraine but that did not include live witnesses or new documents.” Washington Post
  • “Sen. Mitt Romney sealed a place in history Wednesday by voting to convict President Trump of abuse of power, becoming a lone voice of dissent in a Republican Party that otherwise has marched in lockstep with the president throughout the impeachment proceedings.” Washington Post
  • “At 11 p.m. — midnight in Brussels and 6 p.m. in New York [January 31] — Britain officially left the European Union. Flags lined Parliament Square and the Mall, the ceremonial avenue leading to Buckingham Palace, and government buildings were lit up in the red, white and blue of the Union Jack.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Gene: CA ALERT: Today [2/1] is the day new forms must be used for charitable and fundraising registration in California NLB
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Congratulations on 15 years @nonprofitlawyer! @GTak of Neo Law Group is one of our amazing board members 🎉 [Ed. Thanks to all our clients, allies, friends, and well-wishers!]
  • Emily Chan: IRS announces new electronic submission process for Form 1023 exemption applications effective Jan. 31 (with 90-day transition period for paper applications): IRS | Rev. Proc. 2020-08 #charities
  • Nonprofit Times: #California Attorney General’s Office @AGBecerra seeks more information on proposed sale of @PIRegistry, owner of .org domain, to #PrivateEquity firm, #EthosCapital – #nonprofit #nptech #online #SaveDotOrg #philanthropy
  • Nonprofit Law News: 7 Important Considerations Before Forming a Section 501(c)(3) Organization | by @lathamwatkins
  • For Purpose Law: Funders Urged to Step Up Support for Nonprofit Staffing
  • Ellen Aprill: Nonprofit folk, please join us for this great program, in person or via live streaming. Taxes and the Future of Philanthropy [2/18] Tax Policy Center
  • Beth Breeze: Free access to 14 of the best academic articles on #philanthropy #volunteering & #nonprofits in our sector’s top journal @NVSQuarterly for the coming fortnight only. Congrats to all authors whose work is featured. Hope they are read and enjoyed widely! Sage Journals
  • Vox: Sundance film “The Fight” documents the drama and struggle of four recent ACLU court cases. Vox
  • BoardSource: Join us May 7-8. 2020 in St. Louis for #BLF2020, the invigorating conference that will explore the trends shaping the social sector in the coming years — all while giving you the opportunity to meet and network with nonprofit leaders just like you. BLF2020 [Ed. Erin will be presenting on a couple of important governance issues, and I’ll be there too!]

Themed Media Selection:

On Impeachment Day “Midnight In Washington” Video Goes Viral (News and Guts)