Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 12/9/22

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “Senator Raphael Warnock’s win over Herschel Walker — his fifth victory in just over two years — proved that the Democratic surge in the Peach State two years ago was no Trump-era fluke, no one-off rebuke of an unpopular president. Georgia, with its storied civil rights history, booming Atlanta suburbs like Marietta and exploding ethnic diversity, is now officially contested ground, joining a narrow set of states that will select the next president.” NY Times
  • “The Supreme Court on Wednesday began debating whether state legislators have the power to set federal voting rules without oversight from state courts, in what would be a fundamental change in the way elections are conducted.” Washington Post
  • “The conviction of Donald J. Trump’s family business on Tuesday represented a devastating blow to the former president, exposing what prosecutors called a “culture of fraud and deception” at his company and providing his political rivals with ammunition as he embarks on a third presidential campaign.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Independent Sector: We’re a month away from a new year💫 Wondering about the latest issues in our nation’s capital affecting #nonprofits? 📖 Read our November DC Download for updates on the #Midterm elections, #studentloanforgiveness, & non-itemizer charitable deduction
  • The Forge: Our people and communities deserve organizations and movements that exude joy, build power, and secure critical victories for working people. Don’t miss our latest by @MauriceWFP on #BuildingResilientOrgs w/ @_convergencemag & @npquarterly Building Resilient Organizations
  • Cyndi Suarez: For all the hotheads out there! @asham72 via @npquarterly
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: What would it look like to create a culture of repair in philanthropy? NPQ
  • Caritas Law Group: Non Profit Checklist: Ten Things to Do Before Year End
  • For Purpose Law Group: Key Insights Into American Charitable Giving
  • Gene: Speeding Up Benefits to Charity by Reforming Gifts to Intermediaries | Important information whether you agree or not (and, while I agree with the policy need to discourage the warehousing of wealth, I also acknowledge the often overlooked complexities)
  • Bloomberg: Billionaires from Ray Dalio to the Kochs are flocking to a powerful new tool that can provide control over their business, political influence and charitable giving all in one place Bloomberg
  • Philanthropy News Digest: “In the nonprofit world, data collection and analysis are powerful tools. They allow us to understand our network better and more accurately measure and share our organization’s impact with our community and donors…” @IndSector #nonprofits
  • Luz Rivas: During the pandemic, CA depended on our nonprofit partners. Just like govt depends on nonprofits to show up, nonprofits should feel supported by govt. Nonprofits shouldn’t wait months for a reimbursement from the state and should be able to pay their staff a livable wage [Ed. Great to hear from Assemblymember Rivas, Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on the Non-Profit Sector, at the CalNonprofits Policy Symposium where government contracting reform was a key topic.]

Racial Equity and Justice:

For Black Families in Phoenix, Child Welfare Investigations Are a Constant Threat ( Eli Hager and Agnel Philip, ProPublica, and Hannah Rappleye, NBC News)

How Indigenous people are fighting to stop “the biggest land grab in history” (Joseph Lee, Grist)

The Failure of the DEI-Industrial Complex (Lili Zheng, Harvard Business Review)

The Legal Implications of the Debate Over Whether ‘Extreme Racism’ Is a Mental Illness (Janell Ross, Time)

Lizzo Shares Spotlight With 17 Activists During Emotional People’s Choice Awards Speech (Angie Orellana Hernandez, E! News)

If there are any attorneys or law students who identify as Black, Native Americans, or Pacific Islanders who are interested in nonprofit corporate and tax-exemption laws and who’d like to pursue this area of practice, I’m committing one hour each week to being a resource. Please contact me if I can be of service. 🙏