Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 11/15/19

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “As public hearings began, William B. Taylor Jr., the top American diplomat in Ukraine, said he was told President Trump cared more about investigating Biden than he did about Ukraine.” NY Times
  • “Under questioning from Democrats, Kent said there was “no factual basis” of allegations that Ukraine intervened in the 2016 election, something that Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate … “I think it’s amply clear that Russian interference was at the heart of the interference in the 2016 election cycle,” Kent said, echoing the assessment of every U.S. intelligence agency, and every Trump-appointed head of those agencies.” Washington Post
  • “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued on Thursday that President Donald Trump’s actions in the Ukraine scandal constitute “bribery” and that Trump has admitted to it himself. She’s the latest and most high-profile Democrat to use that word when describing Trump’s conduct on the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which Trump has called “perfect.”” CNN

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Darren Walker: To transform #philanthropy and move it toward justice, we must confront and extend our privilege and put our skills to service. Because justice is calling. #GenerositytoJustice Devex
  • NBC News: Opinion | Philip Hackney: “Federal law prohibits a charity from involving itself in a political campaign. Yet, the court found that Trump allowed his presidential campaign to infect the foundation like a parasite taking over its host.” – @NBCNewsTHINK Trump and his foundation were just forced to admit their fraud. Now the IRS needs to act.
  • Philip Hackney: My latest on @ConversationUS Trump’s charity woes are uncommmon if not unprecedented and could get more costly. Let me know what you think via ConversationUS
  • Lucy Bernholz: Charitable Giving Is Down. It Might Be Time To Reform The Charitable Deduction. : Planet Money : NPR
  • Jed Emerson: Really important read if you care about climate crisis and racial justice: Lessons in Survival NY Books
  • Andy Ho: How should billionaires spend their money to fight climate change? I asked 9 experts. via Vox
  • Jeanne Bell: MUST READ!! “We have to engage in risk leadership, not risk management. This work requires that we push the edges of our thinking around legal compliance…” Reimagining Compensation: It’s Time to Stop Building on Inequities of the Past (Part 1) [Ed. This is an important post from CompassPoint, an organization on whose Board I’m proud to serve.]
  • Urban Institute: Elizabeth Boris: “In the nonprofit world … 85% of the money is concentrated in about 4% of the organizations.” (via @jamespilcher, @ldufour, J. Goad)
  • Funders Together: As FTEH CEO @AmandaAndere says: “It isnt enough to be not racist. Instead, we must be actively antiracist.” Our Commitment to Racial Equity acknowledges & embodies our responsibility to antiracist work to #endhomelessness: #RacialEquityEndsHomelessness
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: You never know what will happen to you or your nonprofit in the future. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency transition plan! NPQ

Themed Media Selection:

‘We Have to Do More’: Champion Ally Megan Rapinoe Thanked Kaepernick, Tarana Burke and Black Lives Matter in ‘Woman of the Year’ Speech (The Root)