Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 11/12/21

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “Less than 10 months after taking office and several days after his party suffered a stinging defeat in the Virginia governor’s race, President Biden achieved one of his long-sought goals: a bipartisan agreement that would make major investments in all 50 states for years to come.” Washington Post
  • “A United Nations preliminary analysis released Tuesday found a massive gap between countries’ long-term plans to zero out carbon emissions and the official, short-term plans they have actually submitted.” Washington Post
  • “For decades, vulnerable countries and activist groups have demanded that rich polluter countries pay for irreparable damage from climate change. This year, there may be a breakthrough.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Lucy Bernholz: charity:water and other mega-charities, we need to talk about your harmful, archaic views on overhead – Nonprofit AF. I think this is the Best ⁦@NonprofitAF⁩ piece yet. Best writing of the year.
  • Digital Civil Society: On 11/16, DCSL Director @p2173 joins @MaribelMorey1, @mega_flavor, and @robreich for a conversation about the many intersections of #philanthropy and power in U.S. history and the present. Register now for this free virtual event hosted by @StanfordPACS: Philanthropy and Power
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: #Philanthropy has a responsibility to fight the growth of hate and extremism! To do this we must also address these 5 key challenges facing the sector: @COF_
  • Nonprofit Times: Donor-advised funds reached record territory across all categories in 2020, according to the latest #DAF Report from @nptrust – #nonprofit #fundraising #charity #philanthropy #finance #donors #charity
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: Eighty-three percent of large U.S. foundations seek input from some of the nonprofits they fund but the foundations rarely give these stakeholders decision-making authority, according to a new study. CoP
  • Benjamin Soskis: An important article that disentangles two issues frequently entwined: the legitimacy of endowments (& related temporal ethics) & questions of who has power over funds. But there are still lingering q’s abt power here… Endow Black-Led Nonprofits
  • Andy Ho: When Billionaires Dominate Philanthropy, What Happens When Their Stocks Tank? via @insidephilanthr
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: “Allowing corporations to set the agenda for giving #data tramples the free-choice aspect of donations.” @p2173 (Lucy Bernholz) & @brigittepfry (@DigCivSoc) say we need new rules for giving data. Read their cover story in SSIR’s Winter 2022 issue. The Looming Fight Over How We Give Our Data
  • Glenn Gamboa: Where does all that DAF money go? New report from @IUPhilanthropy @GivingUSA says most goes to education, religious nonprofits. @masayett has the details #philanthropy AP
  • Nonprofit Law News: New York AG Launches Easy-to-Use Online Filing Portal for State Charities | by @morganlewislaw

Racial Equity / BLM:

Who Keeps Us Safe? (Madison Pauly, Mother Jones)

The 1619 Project and the Long Battle Over U.S. History (Jake Silverstein, NY Times)

Generational Differences in Racial Equity Work (Dax-Devlon Ross, Nonprofit Quarterly)

DEI Strategy is Limited and Potentially Harmful: So Now What? (Maria Potapchuk, MP Associates)

How to build an anti-racist organization, with Aubrey Blanche (Culture First)

If there are any attorneys or law students who identify as Black, Native Americans, or Pacific Islanders who are interested in nonprofit corporate and tax-exemption laws and who’d like to pursue this area of practice, I’m committing one hour each week to being a resource. Please contact me if I can be of service. 🙏