Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 10/29/21

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week. This week’s Tweets of the Week was included on LexBlog’s Best of Law Blogging!

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “Facebook has never publicly disclosed what it knows about how its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, helped fuel that day’s mayhem. The company rejected its own Oversight Board’s recommendation that it study how its policies contributed to the violence and has yet to fully comply with requests for data from the congressional commission investigating the events. But thousands of pages of internal company documents disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission by the whistleblower Frances Haugen offer important new evidence of Facebook’s role in the events.” Washington Post
  • “For all of Facebook’s troubles in North America, its problems with hate speech and disinformation are dramatically worse in the developing world. Internal company documents made public Saturday reveal that Facebook has meticulously studied its approach abroad — and was well aware that weaker moderation in non-English-speaking countries leaves the platform vulnerable to abuse by bad actors and authoritarian regimes.” Washington Post
  • “President Biden pleaded with House Democrats on Thursday to embrace his “framework” for a $1.85 trillion economic and environmental bill, saying its fate would help determine that of his presidency and his party’s hold on Congress, and its success would restore the nation’s standing on the world stage. But the president’s appeal appeared to have failed to break the logjam among Democrats.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Lucy Bernholz: An author’s reminder: Philanthropy isn’t defined by money | The Seattle Times
  • Benjamin Soskis: The charitable landscape is now extravagantly, even profligately marked by the names of wealthy donors. The lure of naming rights has likely brought in billions of $s to charities. But we also have to see the prevalence of the practice as a problem. A Legacy of Sackler: Let’s Reconsider Philanthropic Naming Rights [Ed. Subscription paywall.]
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: The #GreenNewDeal, the #RedDeal, and the #RedBlackandGreen New Deal: What are they and why are they important? Subscribe to NPQ’s Fall 2021 magazine on #climatejustice to find out:
  • Inside Philanthropy: “Doors are opening” in philanthropy for Native Americans, says Sherry Salway Black, but there remains a massive funding gap. The 40-year champion of Native causes discusses her career and where the field is headed. Mike Scutari reports:
  • Building Movement Project: “Too often, BIPOC leaders who take over from previous white EDs/CEOs inherit challenging management circumstances where the risk of failure is high,” writes BMP’s @seandtb. How can nonprofits support & sustain incoming leaders of color? Read more here
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: “The ACLU’s affiliates, and 1,500 affiliate staff, have long served as the canaries in the coal mine on civil rights and liberties issues facing this nation.” @KaryMoss (@ACLU) offers a model for organizations looking to grow their affiliate networks. Building Leadership Agility at the ACLU
  • Gene: The Not-for-Profit’s Guide to Fraud Prevention – @CRIcpa
  • Gene: What Nonprofits Should Be Asking About Virtual Currency Regulation and Fundraising – @taxexemptlawyer
  • Journal of Accountancy: IRS Notice 2021-56 clarifies the standards for LLCs to be recognized as tax-exempt under Sec. 501(c)(3). JoA
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: “Co-ops can’t automatically be anti-racist. We have to deliberately promote and practice racial equity—and deliberately unlearn racist attitudes and stereotypes.” – Jessica Gordon Nembhard @JohnJayCollege #CoopMonth #BuildBackForImpact #BeingCoop

Racial Equity / BLM:

Vanessa Nakate Wants Climate Justice for Africa | TIME (YouTube) [Ed. Nakate is on the cover of the current issue of Time magazine)

How Facebook Failed to Stem Racist Abuse of England’s Soccer Players (Ryan Mac and Tariq Panja)

To Change Narratives about Black Men, We Must Start with Black Boys (Trevor Smith, Nonprofit Quarterly)

Filipino American History Month: Reflecting on our past, present, and future (AAJC, Medium)

We Found the Textbooks of Senators Who Oppose The 1619 Project and Suddenly Everything Makes Sense (Michael Harriot, The Root)

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