Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 1/10/20

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • “As Iraq held joint funeral services on Saturday for two revered military leaders killed in an American drone strike near the Baghdad airport this past week, tens of thousands of pro-Iranian fighters marched through Baghdad, waving flags and chanting that “revenge is coming” to the United States. … Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed “forceful revenge” ….” NY Times
  • “Iranian forces have launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against two military bases in Iraq, the Pentagon said Tuesday evening, marking the most significant Iranian attack in the growing conflict with the United States.” Washington Post
  • “A day after President Trump backed away from further military conflict with Iran, a commander of the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps declared that Iran would soon take “harsher revenge” on the United States for a drone strike last week that killed a top Iranian general. But another Iranian military leader said his country’s missile attacks targeting Americans in Iraq this week had not been intended to kill anyone.” NY Times

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • Nonprofit Quarterly: An important lesson for nonprofit boards: You have to be fundamentally knowledgeable about AND actively engaged in the business models of the organizations you govern #governance
  • For Purpose Law: What’s Up for Nonprofits in 2020?
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: “History has proven that tax law influences behavior.” Congress Should Allow Everyone to Get a Tax Break for Giving to Charity
  • Gene: National Taxpayer Advocate in its 2019 annual report to Congress reported 40% of approved Form 1023-EZ applications for 501(c)(3) status did not qualify based on their articles of incorporation (failure to meet the organizational test). This is a problem.
  • Carrie Levine: New Treasury IG report finds thousands of nonprofit 501(c)(4) organizations have failed to file a required notification with the IRS, making it hard to detect activity that isn’t in compliance with tax law.
  • Jeffrey Bradach: Highly recommend. A primer on most impt issues facing philanthropy today. Thought-provoking. ⁦@darrenwalker⁩’s expertise, wisdom & vision are unparalleled. Deeply appreciate his public voice. (Excellent questions ⁦from @DavidBrancaccio⁩). We should treat inequality as injustice, says Ford Foundation President Darren Walker MarketPlace
  • Hewlett Foundation: “If we fail on #climate, we fail on everything,” says our president Larry Kramer. Yet climate change still represents no more than 3% of global giving. Read his latest on why #philanthropy must stop fiddling while the world burns: via @Philanthropy
  • Rob Reich: A War on Philanthropy? Give me a break. Such snowflakes. Recognizing the morally and politically complex terrain of giving, and directing scrutiny at big donors, is not a war. It’s sanity. It’s what democracy asks of us. The War on Philanthropy [Ed. This opinion piece is behind the WSJ subscription paywall.]
  • Stacy Palmer: The IRS Tried to Crack Down on Rich People Using an “Abusive” Tax Deduction. It Hasn’t Gone So Well.
  • Gail Perry: … Here’s how to get your #boardmembers off on the right foot, and focus them on positive action for the #NewYear: …

Themed Media Selection:

Pizza and a Laugh—A Reminder about Your Nonprofit Financial Stress Level (Nonprofit Quarterly) [Ed. One of my favorite videos on nonprofits from last year. Comedy remains an underappreciated form of advocacy.]