Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 5/5/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week. It was also nice to see the Nonprofit Law Blog listed as #19 on FeedSpot’s 100 Non Profit Blogs and Websites and #1 on Justia’s of all-time Most Popular Nonprofit Law Blawgs.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

10 Major Legal Threats to U.S. Civil Society (International Center for Not-for-Profit Law)

The Donor Revolt Comes to Annual Giving: Israel, Gaza, and Campus Unrest (Drew Lindsay, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Fiscal Sponsorship and the Proposed DAF Regulations: How Big a Problem Do We Have? (Karl Mill, Mill Law Center)

But if a fund having an advisor, regardless of whether the donor actually picked them, is enough to make that a donor-designated advisor, then isn’t almost every fiscally sponsored project a DAF?

This Bill Would Give the Treasury Nearly Unlimited Power To Destroy Nonprofits (Matthew Petti, Reason) [Ed. As is the case with many articles we link to, there are some statements I don’t agree with, but I may share these articles based on their main premise or points. In this case, I am concerned with a possible trend of charity regulations that give overly broad discretion to regulators with uncertain assurances that they will not abuse such powers. See, e.g., from our blog in 2015, Proposed Regulations Threaten California Nonprofits.]

Regulations Implementing California’s Charitable Fundraising Platform Law Finalized: Significant Compliance Changes Lie Ahead (Ashleigh Allione, Sarah Fisher, Cristina Vessels, Venable)

Embracing partnership: A promising paradigm for nonprofit governance (Donna Murray -Brown, Candid) [Ed. The development of structures and bylaws that remain legally compliant while still embracing a ‘partnership’ framework may be challenging. An attorney who has strong experience with nonprofit laws and different governance models may be of great importance in the design and implementation of this paradigm.]

Strengthening Boards to Navigate the Intersection of Profit and Purpose (Julie Battilana, Anne-Claire Pache & Chloe Lemmel-Hay, Stanford Social Innovation Review) [Ed. If the board represents the governing body of a nonprofit joint venture with a 501(c)(3) organization as a co-venturer, there are federal tax laws to be considered as well. See, e.g., Nonprofit Joint Ventures: Basics.]

Is Climate Change Making Loneliness Worse? (Alison Stine, Nonprofit Quarterly)

Candid Learning’s Newest Free Offerings for Nonprofits (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

IRS Issues Final Regulations under IRC Section 509(a) for Type III Supporting Organizations (Marc Berger, BDO USA)

Significant Events:

  • “Police arrested about 300 protesters at Columbia University and the City College of New York, authorities said Wednesday morning, after officers in riot gear entered Columbia’s campus Tuesday night, breaching the Hamilton Hall building occupied by pro-Palestinian protesters. In Los Angeles, police arrived on the UCLA campus at the school’s request, authorities said early Wednesday, amid clashes between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and counterprotesters. The Los Angeles Police Department described “multiple acts of violence within the large encampment” on the campus.” Washington Post
  • “Whizzy artificial-intelligence (ai) tools and intricate networks of social-media accounts are being used to make and share eerily convincing photos, video and audio, confusing fact with fiction. In a year when half the world is holding elections, this is fuelling fears that technology will make disinformation impossible to fight, fatally undermining democracy. How worried should you be?” Economist
  • Trump Trial: Hope Hicks Delivers Emotionally Gripping Testimony Before Trial Adjourns for Weekend The former Trump spokeswoman testified about his 2016 campaign’s damage-control efforts after the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, in which the candidate spoke of groping women, became public. Prosecutors say it made Mr. Trump’s aides more eager to quash damaging stories, like Stormy Daniels’s account of an affair.” NY Times

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

Antisemitism bill clears House Rules panel following partisan feud (Bianca Quilantan, Politico)

As American Jews speak out on Israel, some see rifts in their communities (Leah Donnella, Gene Demby,
Xavier Lopez, Dalia Mortada, Jess Kung, Christina Cala, B.A. Parker, Lori Lizarraga, Veralyn Williams, CodeSwitch, NPR, podcast)

Student protesters denounce antisemitism amid criticism over pro-Palestinian encampments at college campuses (Kiara Alfonseca, ABC News)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

The Power of Us: Climate change has disproportionately impacted these vulnerable US communities, experts say (Julia Jacobo, ABC News)

Emergency action: Could civil disobedience be morally obligatory in a society on a collision course with climate catastrophe? (Rupert Read, Aeon)

The Drowning South: Sudden surge in sea level rise threatens the American South (Chris Mooney, Brady Dennis, Kevin Crowe and John Muyskens, Washington Post)